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Now for something a little different. Brother Brewer goes undercover to bring you a chiropractic seminar on non-medication treatment of ADHD and by extension autism, because we all know that the two are related… heavy on the sarcasm.

Sitting in and then realizing it took 14 times longer to research and refute the information she presented than to listen to the schpeal, it is easy to see how people can fall prey to a lot of pseudoscientific baloney. It seems they are really good at adding in just enough real science to fool most people who don’t have the critical thinking skills to understand it is mostly bunk. Links: Carl Sagan’s Baloney Detector: A really good article explaining “functional medicine” from Science Blogs: Harriet Hall’s article on genetic testing: Latest on antioxidants: How claims of chiropractors ability to treat ADHD and allergies may be misleading: Is pediatric chiropractic care legit?: Follow the show on Facebook: Contact Brother Brewer at

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